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Dr. Akdoğan graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Electrical and Electronics Faculty, Electronics and Communication Engineering Department in 1999. He completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at Marmara University, where he served as Research Assistant. Between 2008-2009, He has been at Hiroshima University for post-doctoral researches in Japan. He started working as an assistant professor, at Yildiz Technical University in 2010. In April – 2015 he received his title of associate professor.

Research interests include rehabilitation robots, biomechatronics system design, biological signal processing, artificial intelligence, and industrial automation. Dr. Akdoğan is the Coordinator of the Graduate Education of Mechatronics Engineering and Biomechatronics Research Laboratory. He teaches electrical-electronics, control and computer courses at the undergraduate level and artificial intelligence and robotics courses at the graduate level.

  • Education

    (1990-1993) High School: Pertevniyal High School
    (1994-1999) B.Sc.: Yildız Technical University, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
    (1999-2001) M.Sc.: Marmara University, Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences, Computer-Control Education Programme
    (2001-2007) Ph.D.: Marmara University, Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences Computer-Control Education Programme
    (2008-2009) Post-Doc: Hiroshima University, Artificial Complex Systems Engineering, Biological System Engineering Laboratory, Japan.
  • Internship

    B.Sc. Internship: EAE Electronics, Istanbul
    B.Sc. Professional Internship: KOC SYSTEM, Istanbul
    Promotion of Industrial Experience (EDA) Internship in cooperation with YÖK-Chamber of Industry - (2002): ASELSAN
    Promotion of Industrial Experience (EDA) Internship in cooperation with YÖK-Chamber of Industry - (2004): ELECTRA Electric-Electronics
  • Appointments

    Research Assistant: Marmara University, 1999-2010.
    Lecturer: Air Technical School Command, 2009-2010.
    Assistant Prof. : Yildiz Technical University, 2010 – 2015.
    Biomechatronics Research Lab. Coordinator: 2010- ……
    Assoc. Prof.: Yildiz Technical University, 2015 – ….
  • Thesis

    B.Sc. Thesis: Frequency Control (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Herman SEDEF)
    M.Sc. Thesis: Designing of a Intersection Control Equipment (Supervisor: Prof Dr. Burhaneddin CAN)
    Ph.D. Thesis: Intelligent Position and Force Control of a Robot Manipulator for Rehabilitation (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Arif ADLI)
  • Projects

    1. Researcher: The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) under grand number MAG-104M018. “Designing, Producing and Intelligent Control of A Robot Manipulator For Rehabilitation”. (completed-2007).

    2. Visiting Researcher: The 21st Century COE Program of JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) on Hyper Human Technology toward the 21st Century Industrial Revolution. Hiroshima University, Japan, January 2008-January 2009.

    3. Manager on behalf of YTU: European Union, LEONARDO DA VINCI PROGRAMME INOVATION TRANSFER (ToI) PROJECT, Implementation of artificial intelligent technologies in rehabilitation engineering: Training for vocational rehabilitation counsellors (INTECH), Project No: 2010-1-TR1-LEO05-16695, 1 Nov 2011-31 Sep 2013-Completed.

    4. Manager: Science, Industry and Technology Ministry, "Therapeutic Exercise Robot for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation", (completed-2014) 5. Manager: The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) under grand number MAG-111M603. "Cybernetic rehabilitation aid system". (completed-2015)

    6. Researcher: Science, Industry and Technology Ministry, “Motion Detection Algorithm Development for Simulators”, (completed-2016)

    7. Manager: Scientific Research Project Coordination of Yildiz Technical University, “Intelligent rehabilitation aid system for diagnostic and treatment”. (completed-2018)

    8. Manager: Scientific Research Project Coordination of Yildiz Technical University, “Design, Analysis and Intelligent Control of a tumor prosthesis extension module ”( completed-2019)

    9. Manager: Scientific Research Project Coordination of Yildiz Technical University, “ Force and Position Control of a Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robot”( continue)

  • Intellectual Property Rights


    1. Rehabilitation Robot: Arif ADLI, Erhan AKDOĞAN, Ertuğrul TAÇGIN (Reference number: 2008/05687, Registration date: 21/03/2011, Examined)

    2. Upper Limb Therapeutic Exercises Robot: Erhan AKDOĞAN, (Reference number: 2013/11075, Unexamined)

    3. The Robotic Rehabilitation Platform for upper Limbs, M. Emin AKTAN, Erhan AKDOGAN (Utility Model Registration Number: 2016/08657)


    1. "Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot", Erhan AKDOGAN (Registration Number: 2013 - 05 486).

    2. "Upper Limb Exoskeletal Robot", Erhan AKDOGAN, Cansu ŞAHBAZ, Barışcan YALÇIN (Registration Number: 2013 - 07 494).

    3. "Lower limb rehabilitation robot", (Registration Number: 2015/02071). 4. "Robotic Rehabilitation Platform for Upper Limbs", Mehmet Emin AKTAN, Erhan AKDOGAN (Registration Number: 2015/07922)

    5. "Robotic Upper Limb Measurement Device for Biological and Biomechanical parameters", Erhan AKDOGAN, Ahmet YAVUZ.

    6. “A Lower Limb Exoskeletal Walking Supporter Robot”, Erhan AKDOĞAN, Mehmet Emin AKTAN, Mehmet Arslanyüreği (Registration Number: 2017/00901).

    7. “Wearable Upper Limb Exoskeletal Robot”, Erhan AKDOĞAN, Yusuf Neyiş (Registration Number: 2017/01291 ).

    8. “Prosthesis Hand”, Erhan AKDOĞAN, Serdar Yatar, Furkan Kılıç (Registration Number: 2017/08055).

    9. “The feeder robot for tetraplegic patients”, Erhan AKDOĞAN, Emre Yıldırım, Fatih Tutar (Registration Number:2017/08056).

    10. “Tumor Prosthesis Extension Module”, Erhan AKDOĞAN, Sıtkı Kocaoğlu (Registration Number: 2017/07116).


    1. Trademark: "Fizyoterabot", Erhan AKDOGAN (Registration Number: 2011/98172).

    2. Trademark: "Physiotherabot", Erhan AKDOGAN (Registration Number: 2011/98177).

    3. Trademark: "Diagnoconn", Erhan AKDOGAN, M.E.Aktan (Registration Number: 2017/109233).

  • Awards

    1. Second prize on the area of Physical Science and Engineering Sciences in 1st Aegean Research - Development and Technology Dates, 1-3 December 2010,
    • Project name: Rehabilitation Robot-Physiotherabot

    2. First prize on the area of Patented Products, 1st Patent Workshop and Manufacturing Technologies Project Days held by Yildiz Technical University Technology Transfer Office
    • Patent Name: Upper Limb Therapeutic Exercises Robot, 2012.

    3. First prize in international technology festival-TEKNOFEST’18.
    • Category: Technologies for the benefit of humanity- Medicine.
    • Project: DIAGNOBOT: Diagnose and Treatment Aimed Rehabilitation Robot, (2018).

    • Category: Smart Medicine
    • Project: DIAGNOBOT: Diagnose and Treatment Aimed Rehabilitation Robot, (2018).

  • Research Interests

    Biomechatronics, Robotics - Rehabilitation Robots, Biological Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Automation Systems.
  • Courses

    • Artificial Intelligence in Mechatronics Engineering Applications, (Ph.D. Course)
    • Biomechatronics Systems, (Ph.D. Course)
    • Robot Control, (M.Sc. Course)

    • System Dynamics, (B.Sc. Course)
    • Robot Engineering (B.Sc. Course)
    • Signals and Systems (B.Sc. Course)
    • Analog Electronics (B.Sc. Course)
    • Electronics and Communication Circuits (B.Sc. Course)

  • Professional activities

    • Assistant Secretariat of First Technical Vocational Schools Symposium
    • ROBOCON Turkey Contest Referee
    • Organisation committee member of International Conference on Advances in Materials & Processing Technologies, 13-16 July 2011, Istanbul-TURKEY.
    • Organisation committee member of the 1st International Congress on Physiotechnotherapy (ICPTT), 09-13 May 2018, Sarajevo- BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA.
  • Memberships

    1. IEEE- The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2. The Scouting and Guiding Federation of Turkey 3. Digital Research Society